Aniket Chaudhary: M R X Hindi Gaming (Stars Names Biography)

Aniket Chaudhary is popularly known as MRX Hindi Gaming. He is just 22 year old. He Entertain 10 lakhs people from his astonishing gaming skills. He is an popular Indian star PUBG Gamer and Streamer. MRX Gaming videos on his YouTube channel. He is just 22 years old he might be a good (convivial) PUBG star in future.As of Now his Youtube channel has over 1.32M subscribers.

Day to day his channel is growing and also very popular in India. His skills were amazing during gameplay and his clutch against full squad is amazing. Most of the time he plays PUBG game solo vs squad. In PUBG solo Vs Squad is very tough match but most of the time he played very well. During the game he cannot say enemy he said ‘bhaiyaji yha chup rhe the’ this is very good. After all his gaming channel is growing very fast.

M R X Hindi Gaming : Full Biography

Real NameAniket chaudhary
Age22 Years (As Of 2020)
Birth Of DateNot Available
BirthplaceNot Available
HometownNot Available
Zodiac SignNot Available
PUBG ID577261439
YouTubeMRX Hindi Gaming

About Ankiet Chaudhary (MRX Hindi Gaming)

  • He is an Indian Youtuber and Gamer.
  • He is popularly know as MRX in the PUBG game.
  • Firstly when he started their YouTube Channel with name MRX Hindi Gaming where he started with tips and tricks of PUBG and Gameplay.
  • He gained many more Subscribers on YouTube & Instagram.
  • And his 6x spray is very (wow) awesome and people wants to see how he control 6x.
  • He play solo vs squad in many time.
  • And his Part Of his life is he Never Gives Up.

Lesser Facts of M R X Hindi Gaming

  • He is an Indian YouTuber & Gamer.
  • He made his YouTube channel in 2018.
  • He uploads first YouTube video on 30 September 2018.
  • He has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • His total views on YouTube 200,112,585 views.

After all Aniket Chaudhary (MRX Hindi Gaming) is the best gamer in India. Day to day his channel is growing and also very popular in India. His skills were amazing. And His way of comments on his enemy is very entertaining. So we hope in future he is also big YouTuber and Gamer in India.

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